ILP Initial Steps

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Step 1:

Log into the Career Cruising Web site, and enter your student ID and Password in the circle area, then click Log In

 ILP Step 1

Step 2:

When you click Log In you should see the following screen. The area shown circled should read 8%. If yes, then move to step 4. If no, then move to step 3.

ILP Step 2


Step 3:

Click on the Explore My Interests Tab shown circled

 ILP step 3A


Next click on the Start Matchmaker tab shown circled

 ILP step 3b

Next enter a label for your Matchmaker assessment and then click the start button shown by the circled area below

 ILP step 3c

Now follow the instructions to work through the 39 questions provided.

Once finished you should see your results. Your results will differ than the ones shown but you should still receive confirmation that the matchmaker is complete and see 8% progress completed near the top of the page.

 ILP step 3d

Review the information on this page and then log out. Once you log back in you will need to start over at Step 2.

Step 4:

Find the Assessment tab in the navigation bar near the top of the screen and click on it. You should see a page like the one below. Once there, select the Start My Skills tab shown by the provided circle.

 ILP step 4a

Click the Start Now button shown

 ILP step 4b

Work through the 45 questions provided related to your skill levels in certain areas.

Once you have completed the questions you should see a screen that looks like

 ILP step 4c



Step 5:

Make sure your coach knows via email that you have completed the above steps so that they can assure your ILP is showing 8% completed.

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